Friendly Streets

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Mission Statement

Friendly Streets is a 501 (c) (3) Portland, Oregon based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting livability and people friendly environments on all streets throughout Portland’s 95 neighborhoods. Working in partnership with local residents, business establishments, public and private agencies, local officials, utility companies and others, our goal is to foster and assure safe, attractive, pedestrian friendly and well maintained vibrant urban neighborhoods while also helping to educate the public through research studies, forums, conferences and work groups.

Action Statement

Every neighborhood possesses its own unique characteristics, dreams and realities. The experience of each community is guided by numerous elements and details. The needs, resources and character of neighborhoods are influenced by many factors including schools, parks, sidewalks, traffic, transit services, local businesses, residential demographics, security, law enforcement and social and medical services.

Regardless of its composition and character, a host of entities and people are responsible for developing and maintaining successfully functioning neighborhoods. Public agencies, residents and businesses expend a good deal of effort to coordinate and communicate with the many participants for the greater good of the neighborhood, but the multitude of responsibilities and jurisdictions often become confusing and unwieldy. Friendly Streets’ role is to stimulate, facilitate and nurture the coordination of efforts among the many stakeholders in the building of livable communities.


Board of Directors

Jan Valentine, President

Marcia Dennis, Vice President

Kay Dannen, Treasurer

Stanley Penkin, Secretary

Bill Bagnall, Board Member

Judy Bradley, Board Member

Michael Hall, Board Member

David L. Mitchell, Board Member

Carol Otis, Board Member

Bill Allen, President Emeritus