Friendly Streets

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April 26, 2014

Friendly Streets and the Northwest District Association Cleans Up NW Portland 

In celebration of Earth Day, Friendly Streets and the Northwest District Association worked together to clean up NW Portland neighborhoods on April 26, 2014. This event was held as part of SOLV's Solve It Work Day.

January 17, 2014

Friendly Streets Educates the Educators

After noticing a posting for a Portland Community College (PCC) 2013 summer course entitled Street Style Fine Arts for Teens, members of Friendly Street (FS) had some concern that this course could unintentionally, but very possibly, encourage teens to exhibit their art via illegal graffiti. It is well known by experts in the field that teens and arts students are a significant part of the graffiti community throughout the nation. With that in mind, FS reached out to the PCC administration to bring this issue to their attention.

PCC officials responded most graciously and positively to having a face to face conversation that took place at PCC in mid January 2014 between FS members and three PCC administrators. A friendly and most productive conversation was held wherein officials recognized the importance of how such curriculum is described, planned and taught along with understanding the possibility of unintended consequences.

Friendly Streets is pleased to have played an educational role in heightening the awareness of graffiti related issues within the educational community.

(Pictured  Left to Right: Richard Toscan, Stan Penkin, Jan Valentine, Tonya Booker, Christine Chairsell, Marcia Dennis, Pamela Murray, Paul Watts)

October 19, 2013

Friendly Streets Cleans Up Portland's MLK Boulevard, 

The sound of scrapers could be heard up and down MLK Boulevard on a quiet Saturday morning on October 19th as some 40 Friendly Street volunteers swooped down like a swarm of bees to clean up an abundance of graffiti that has vandalized the neighborhood. Garbed in orange vests, the volunteers scraped away at stickers, removed tags with special solvents and painted over especially large areas of defaced walls.

Founded with the mission of promoting livability and people friendly environments on all streets throughout Portland’s 95 neighborhoods, Friendly Streets works in partnership with local residents, businesses, public and private agencies, local officials, utility companies and others, to fulfill its goal of fostering and assuring safe, attractive, pedestrian-friendly and vibrant urban neighborhoods while also helping to educate the public through research studies, forums, conferences and work groups.

In partnership with the City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Office, the clean up demonstrated how nonprofit volunteer groups and city bureaus can successfully work together for the benefit of the city and its citizens. Additional support and sponsorship was provided by Graffiti Removal Services, Portland Streetcar and Beam Development. “This was hard work, but oh so satisfying to all of us who participated. This is only the very beginning of the good work that Friendly Streets will do throughout the city,” said Jan Valentine, President of Friendly Streets.

Corporate sponsors of this event: Beam Development, Graffiti Removal Services and Portland Streetcar.