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Graffiti Abatement Summit

Since 2009, Friendly Streets has been the primary partner (with the City of Portland) in hosting the Regional Graffiti Abatement Summit. This one of a kind FREE training for law enforcement and the community has gained recognition across the western United States as an innovative event. In 2013, two separate events were held (in April and May) for law enforcement and crime prevention professionals, and for interested community members.

Besides most of the law enforcement agencies in Oregon, attendees in 2013 came from Washington, California, Georgia and Colorado. This networking between police agencies is a valuable tool in catching and prosecuting graffiti vandals, who often travel between states to damage property.

Graffiti vandalism is a crime that damages public and private property and creates fear in the community where it occurs. Nationally, graffiti abatement and prosecution costs in the billions of dollars. In Portland, the annual cost to remove and repair graffiti damage is approximately $3M for both public and private properties.

While conferences and training opportunities exist in other jurisdictions, the Regional Graffiti Abatement Summit is respected for the quality of information and speakers, for the generous sponsors from community and business who value the efforts of law enforcement, crime prevention and prosecutors working to abate this property nuisance crime - AND - for the fact that the training continues to be offered at no cost to participants.

2011 Graffiti Abatement Summit Program (pdf file)

2014 Graffiti Abatement Summit Program (pdf file)

2014 Summit Sponsors & Vendors