Friendly Streets

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Ever-increasing graffiti and what you can do

Does it seem that graffiti around town is worse than ever? Well, you’re right. According to a recent report to City Council by Juliette Muracchioli from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s (ONI) Graffiti Abatement Program, high priority graffiti reports involving hate or gang tags have increased considerably

For many years, Portland was nationally acclaimed for its Graffiti Abatement Program, but budgetary restraints no longer allow us that distinction. Graffiti abatement is essential in maintaining Portland’s quality of life and keeping neighborhoods safe and livable. The failure to properly enforce our graffiti laws encourages an influx of taggers from all over the country and leads to other insidious criminal activities.

We need your help

Please take a few minutes to e-mail your City Council and let them know you want a strong Graffiti Abatement Program:

Mayor Ted Wheeler:
Comm. Chloe Eudaly:
Comm. Nick
Comm. Amanda
Comm. Dan