Friendly Streets

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A-Frame Signs In Your Neighborhood

Want to know more about the regulations governing those portable A-Frame Merchant signs in your neighborhood? Click here and learn about how they are to be used, where they can be placed, who oversees them and more.

Did you know that there is a phone  app to report various street issues to the City?

Grab your phone and report it on PDX Reporter.

“The PDX Reporter app is a new way to interact with the city concerning problems or issues with publicly maintained infrastructure. The application is compatible with Android phones running 2.1 or higher and may be downloaded for free from the Android Marketplace. The application is also compatible with any model of iPhone running iPhone OS 3.1.2 or higher and may be downloaded for free from iTunes. Note: The link will only work on computers that have a current version of Apple’s iTunes software installed.”

PDX Reporter is designed to report the following issues:

Abandoned Autos - Debris in the Roadway - Graffiti – Illegal Parking- Park Maintenance - Plugged Storm/Drain Outlets - Potholes - Sidewalk Café Violations - Sidewalk Trip Hazards - Sidewalk Vegetation - Street Lighting

This app is not to be used for emergencies in which case one should call 911.

Try it and see how easy it is.

For further information and instructions go to